The story so far

MC Finchy is a house hold name in the underground dance music scene in the UK, he is particularly better known in the Northwest of the country because of the scenes heavily Northern influenced roots. Based in the town of Wigan in Lancashire Finchy's upbringing was surrounded by music so this coupled with his keen interest in dance music it was kind of inevitable he would end up working professionally in the music industry. At the age of thirteen he was given his first set of decks which gave him his vision of performing within a live music setting in front of crowds. A few years later he acquired a microphone and started down his journey into the art of MC'ing which he personally noticed came a lot more natural to him and by the age of fifteen he had become a regular face at various under 18’s events in the Northwest and his prominence at clubs like Maximes and 51st State began to gather him respect with the older generation of performing artists and clubbers alike. After winning a competition at 51st state he took his first major residency at the famous Maximes night club under 18’s events eventually progressing on to the over 18s market all at the impressively young age of 16 appearing every Saturday in 2005. Now there is chance some of you will only have heard of Maximes via tape and CD packs if you lived outside of the Northwest of England but in this era of time Maximes along with Wigan Pier were the two biggest events in the genre of Bounce/Scouse house selling out full to capacity EVERY single weekend, week in week out for years on end, literally if you didn't attend an hour before opening you wouldn't get in. A simple analogy here would be if you was an aspiring footballer then playing for Maximes was the equivalent of signing to Manchester United at 16 years old. So here we have this baby face artist regularly performing to crowds of 1500+ every weekend to the amazement of older clubbers who couldn't believe one of their favourite MC's was a year ago studying for his GCSE's. So what set MC Finchy apart from the rest ? Well the obvious one is his controversial no holds barred lyrics going against the standard that was being set by the rest of the MC’s in the scene. From comedic chants about binge drinking to more serious rhymes drawn from personal experiences it was very obvious that Finchy was not going to follow the grain of the generic MC in his rise to the top. To this day Finchy has stayed true to his original style and flow and you can hear plenty of other MCs either imitating or performing their own take on his most famous crowd chants which still echo through any modern day Bounce event to date. Everyone has their hero's so where would you say Finchy drew his inspiration from ? The clichéd story of listening to tape packs from Wigan Pier, Maximes, Cricketer, Monroes and various Hardcore events definitely played a pivotal part in understanding of how to compliment the music and allow it to breath during sets. His early inspirations in the world of Bounce come from the legends such as MC Efeeze, Ave, Layback & Rhythm. As we know MC Finchy is quite a diverse artist and diversity doesn't come from pigeon holing yourself into one style or genre of music. The verve also a Wigan based set of artists was a firm feature in his music collection with tracks like "No the drugs don't work" & "Bitter sweet sympathy" you could argue these tracks subliminally played a part in his choice to always express yourself in your music regardless of the judgement or consequences. Garage was another firm part of his musical collection, obviously for the MC led scene that it was but the fact that acts like So Solid Crews bold attitude when done correctly in music can come across really well on a variety of tracks so again another contributory factor for shaping the artist that he has become today.

The story continues

By the end of 2008 MC Finchy was a recognised artist nationwide performing multiple gigs on most days of the week from all over the UK and even touching base on the Scottish club circuit. He got his first taste of being an international act when he secured a residency in the party capitol of Europe on the island of Mallorca. Every Thursday night you could catch him performing on the busy Magaluf strip with the Pleasure Rooms events. He also held a residency performing every week on the huge Liverpool radio station Juice FM. By now it was safe to say his diary and gigs performed at was climaxing when you look at the fact he had headlined and shared billing with superstar acts like N-Dubz, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk, DJ Ironic and many more. Back in the UK he was regularly paired with the best in business and at biggest events around performing alongside acts like Alex K, KB Project, Mickey B, Pete Daley, Bad Behaviour, MC G, Arkie the list goes on and arguably no UK Bounce event felt complete without MC Finchy on the line up. Within this time he had started to host his own event called ‘Frequency’ with friends Alex R, Hodge & MC Azzy. What started off as a promotional CD series being broadcast on YouTube ended up being viewed well into the hundreds of thousands so the transition to club event was welcomed for the guys. It went on to become a legendary night contending with the biggest brands in the scene regularly packing out any venue they performed at. With residents like John Neal, Drakey, Wiggy, Greenie, Ady-Zee, Neeko, Viper alongside big guests Ian Redman (Ultrabeat), Rob Cain, Andy Whitby, Klubbfiller, MC B to name a few strengthening this event stature it's no surprise to know that it's still around to this day but what really sets it apart from other brands is the fact that frequency will stop hosting events when they feel they aren't bringing anything new to the table, regroup, rebrand and come out with something new for the scene. Alongside DJ John Neal they continue to work on Frequency projects which has over the years has seen the brand travel all over the UK, Glasgow and even the sell out show in Magaluf for the MCP estate. By 2012 MC Finchy had won "Best MC" for two years in a row at the prestigious Bounce Heaven awards voted for by clubbers themselves and continued to win every year until the awards stopped. He held residencies at Wigan Pier, Bounce Heaven, Sanctuary, Klubbedout, ClubD:TV & Sopranos.

But it's not all plain sailing.

Like most artists who start at a young age there does come a time in life when you look back and reflect on how you have spent the last ten years of your life constantly writing rhymes, touring and not having much of social life with real friends and family so to speak. Some people only see the front of house life with loud pumping music, lasers , fast flowing drinks, woman and crazy clubbers but this life has an ugly alter ego. You can spend a lot of your time driving around the country EVERY weekend, flying abroad and waiting in hotels for your driver and a hell of a lot of this can be done completely solo so the industry can be quite lonely when you take the flashing lights and hedonism out of the equation. At this point he decided to take some time out as he couldn't decide whether he was becoming jaded with the music scene, coming to the conclusion his best years were fading into a mirage of distant memories with no real family occasions that he can recall (You have no idea how many weddings/birthday/social occasions a top tier artist has to miss in order to please your fans) or a combination of the both so he decided to migrate to Australia. Being "normal" felt good for a while, returning home with no emails to respond to, promoters haggling for cut throat deals, no rhyme book with scribbled rhymes all over the place, just himself and a cold beer, total freedom some would say. When friends asked "you fancy watching the game this weekend" the obligatory "I can't I'm in (insert random country name here) this weekend" no longer impeded his life and he openly admits it was a good feeling to have an empty diary. Like most committed artists it wasn't long before that itch had returned, making new rhymes about the experiences he was living, work colleagues oblivious to his past life staring at him like a mad man whilst he mc'd under his breath in the work day of a hot Australian sun. He knew he had to satisfy that urge to perform so he used his contacts to land a few gigs on the other side of the planet. Now Australians might use the queens tongue but they're a very different kind of crowd so he adjusted and was well received netting regular work on the Aussy circuit. After being overseas for a little over 15 months he was offered another international opportunity to Host in Zig-Zag Malia’s #1 club for the summer season of 2014. It was during this time he decided he was going to make a big push once he returned home to the UK in 2015 after he picked up the award of Malia’s best Host of 2014 and believe me that's some doing with all the crazy entertainers that work their each season. 2015 was a big year for MC Finchy which included more international gigs in Magaluf, Ibiza and Amsterdam twice. His diversity, talent and bloody hard work had started to get him gigs in different genres which had always been a personal goal to prove to himself the he was more than just a Bounce MC. Highlights were becoming resident at new kids on the block Acceleration events who have settled into the venue they own at Pure Nightclub Wigan, BTID undisputed kings of the scene & the mighty Reminisce festival who have been pulling strong numbers and a great crowd. Cross genre has seen him perform at S2S, Ikon and even booked in the Hardcore scene which is a very tight community to break into. Part of this success has been from the co-producing talents in the studio with some of the scenes biggest names and you will continue to hear tracks well into 2016.

So what can we expect next?

You can expect MC Finchy to continue pushing boundaries both musically and personally with goals that will see him maintain his position as one of the most respected and loved MCs in the Bounce scene. A new residency has been confirmed at Scotland's GBX event which see superstar DJs from all over the world perform including acts that have charted in the DJ Mag Top 100. Working hard has only gone and had him talent scouted by the world's number one Hardcore MC, MC Whizzkid. He has been signed to his label Broken records known for cross genre defying in Bounce, Hardcore and even DnB. Plenty of new international and UK bookings have already been confirmed for the start of this year and we have to say 2016 shows absolutely no sign of slowing down for Finchy.